Ice Driving


Ice Driving  Ice Driving  Ice Driving  Ice Driving  Ice Driving

Ice driving is ulitmate driving experience operating from January through until March and is situated on a frozen lake near Geilo in Norway. This amazing experience allows you to drive a range of cars including Ford Focus’, BMW M3 Compacts, Toyota GT86s, Porsche 911s and Polaris RZRs with expert instructors on various specially created tracks on the frozen lake in temperatures that can plummet to -25 degrees celsius!

Accommodation is included at the beautiful Vestlia Resort in Geilo, it easy to get to and is the perfect location for skiing as well as the ice driving; Vestlia Resort also has spa, bowling and conference facilities.

Package includes the use of specially prepared cars including fuel, exclusive intercom helmets for optimum communication with instructors, first hand instruction from world class motorsport professionals, optional Race Keeper on board video recording to USB stick for you to keep, a high speed passenger ride from one of the world class instructors, car insurance and beverages by the lake and meals. The only things you need to sort is your travel and beverages from the bar!